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Over a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as a part of one’s work at the time. Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does to all other work activities, and you need to manage the risks to the drivers as a part of your health and safety arrangements.on an official trip

Very few Indian companies have travel safety policy. Every year, a number of fatal accidents are reported while travelling on official duty in two-wheelers, cars, bus or other means like train and air travel. All companies do not keep records of such fatal or other injuries happened during travel unless the company management has this aspect covered in their HSE policy and related instructions. Most persons involved in such accidents are officers, staffers or workers, members from sales /marketing / logistics groups or even operations, especially sales representatives of pharmaceutical companies who have to travel daily for sales-related matters. Many companies have not issued any safety directives to follow safety norms during such official travels. Even top executives do not follow safety norms while travelling in a car or taxi to catch a flight. They do not plan their trip properly, with the result that they have to ask the company driver or taxi driver to RUSH within the unplanned short period, resulting in even fatal accidents.

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk, no matter what size your organisation is. It could also result in fewer injuries
to drivers, reduced risk of work-related ill-health, reduced stress and improved morale. Health and safety law does not apply to people commuting/
travelling between their home and their usual place of work, unless they are travelling from their home to some other place which is not their usual
place of work. Those who drive are often exposing themselves to the risks during road use.

(Read full article in the April Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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