Robotic Role in Construction

robotics-in-constructionAutomobiles and consumer goods are among the many products that are already under the control of robotics. The use of robots in the construction and building industry is still not commonplace, but it is increasing slowly but surely. From welding steel I-beams for buildings, to handling insulation where it is manufactured, the use of robots is making steady inroads into the construction and building industry. Vipin Sasidharan, Assistant Professor, SCMS College explains the role and benefits of employing robotic systems in our Indian construction Industry.

Robotics is the science of designing, building, and applying robots. It can be considered as a solid discipline of study that incorporates the background, knowledge, and creativity of mechanical, electrical, computer, industrial and manufacturing engineering. During its initial phase of development, the construction industry was one of the most unfamiliar R&D fields for the robotics and automation community.

The main difficulty of robotics and automation in construction is related to the nature of the work environment, which is highly unstructured in general. The degree of automation and robotics systems implementation in construction varies significantly from one construction phase to another. But, in recent years, the construction industry has become one of the most important research areas in the field of service robotics.

(Read the full article from the April Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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