India’s Aviation Safety Needs urgent Updating

Indian-AviationThe global aviation sector is witnessing drastic and fast-paced changes of late with the advent of new concepts and technology innovations, e- Commerce, and open-sky policy. However, the alarming reality is that while the new concepts and technological advancements are being adopted by prominent international regulatory authorities, they do not find a place in India. T. Mohan Chandran, Aviation consultant and advisor establishes that it is high time that we changed for the better.

The aviation professionals may work in different domains but the objective is common one, that is, to facilitate safe, efficient and economic aircraft operations (landing and takeoff). This can only be achieved with well-defined rules and regulations and effective supervision by the responsible authority. Regulatory authority is the backbone of the aviation industry and its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering can only ensure enhancement in operational standards and flight safety.

Aviation business requires huge infrastructure, resource and funds, in addition to the long-term plan, vision and forecast and analysis capabilities. The investment by the operator is huge. It is also a highly regulated industry, and all aviation activities need approval or clearances by the regulatory authority. Any delay by the authority would affect the user economics and survival of professional aviation business group, but does not affect the officers or regulatory body. Perhaps, for this reason, it is given the least importance. The function of the regulatory authority is also, unfortunately, not well-understood by the governing body and the decision-makers, which has led to frequent changes in the top post at the regulatory authority, and the aviation and standards gets affected.

(Read the full article from the April Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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