Marine Resources Effective in the cure of Cancer, AIDS

Marine resourcesRecent findings reveal that effective life saving drugs against Cancer, AIDS, etc can be developed from marine resources. Studies show that these medicines are doubly potent than those made from sources now.

A study conducted by Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) clearly indicates that India can gain the upper hand in this field by developing medicines from various species of plants, animals and micro-organisms in the ocean. The drugs can be developed from sponges, algae, micro-organisms, tunicates, sealantarates, sea plants and clams seen in the ocean.

Sea sponge and algae which contain huge amount of bio-active compounds is useful in nerve disorder treatment apart from cancer and AIDS. These could very well be a major breakthrough in the field of life saving drugs. At present they are used merely in the manufacture of beauty-enhancing products.

There is much demand in the international market for oil obtained from deep sea sharks and products like Glucosamine and Hydrochloride found in the shell of prawns and crabs. The drug called Aplidine manufactured using Mediterranean tunicate can be used in cancer treatment. The medicine called Discodermolide made from sea sponge will benefit tumour treatment.

Dr. K. Gopakumar, director of KUFOS School of Ocean Studies and Technology and Eminence, who led the studies said that it has been proved that Squalamine manufactured from dog fish and Dolestein manufactured from sea hare found in the Indian Ocean will help prevent cancer.

The substance called Squalene extracted from deep sea shark oil is an excellent anti-oxidant. This has the capability to prevent breast cancer, reinforce the activities of the liver and kidney and retain youth. A perfumed cream made using Squalene is available in the market. Also the oils of some fishes are capable of reducing fat in the blood and for preventing asthma.

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