Low Cost ISRO Technology for Fire Resistance

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed a low-cost technology which protects PSLV fuel tanks from flames can now be used to safeguard railway coaches, buildings and vehicles from catching fire.

According to ISRO, the new compound, christened CASPOL, is a water-based ready-to-coat and easy-to-use flameproof coating, with excellent flame retardant, waterproofing and thermal control properties.

This technology can be applied on walls, clothes, paper, thatched roofs and wood to protect them from fire. The CASPOL coating contains no toxic materials and is eco-friendly.

The emulsion can be sprayed or spread using a brush on surfaces that need fire protection. One litre of CASPOL can coat 1.5 sq metre with a thickness of 500 micron, which is practically adequate for fire protection and thermal insulation.

It can also be used as a flame retardant material in railways and automobiles where the seat cushions can be made flameproof without affecting the cushioning characteristics. Shopping malls and theatres can be easily rendered fire resistant by using CASPOL in their seat cushions and walls.

CASPOL can also be applied over the concrete surfaces of buildings to prevent water seeping as its application fills micro cracks and holes effectively. It also helps keep building cooler by at least five to six degrees Celsius. ISRO is presently looking for a suitable industry partner to commercialise this technology for social benefit.

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