ECHOMAX Inflatable Radar Reflector

saf3565_inflatable_reflectorThe Echomax SAF3565 Inflatable Radar Reflector features the DuPont metallised, lacquered and spun bonded fabric array with fluorescent yellow PVC case; folds down neatly and is an ideal addition to the grab bag for emergency use.

QinetiQ recorded an astonishing 17m² peak exceeding the RORC requirements by nearly two fold. It can be mounted from halyard. Optional three piece glass fibre rod kit for dinghy or liferaft use. It is now available with fluorescent green cover.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions:  Length: 750mm

Weight: 413 gms

Overall Diameter: 300mm

3 piece mounting kit: 247gms

NB: The glass fibre rod fixing kit is an optional extra and is not supplied with the inflatable. This set can be obtained separately.

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