Saving Life and Property at Sea!

Marine safety calls for multiple activity profile in preemption, prevention and mitigation in a quite unpredictable expanse of challenging perils. These multiple operations can take their toll and affect each other unless planned well. In the following article, Dr Prabhakaran Paleri, an accomplished Naval officer and former Director-General of Indian coast guard, provides an in-depth and comprehensive insight into the challenges in tackling the perils at sea and touches upon topical issues covering the entire spectrum of marine and maritime safety.Alaways_alert

Ocean is a lonely terrain where no one hears you scream. The news of danger in the wilderness of the ocean trickles down in electronic whispers – sometimes speedy, sometimes painfully slow.

Distortion wraps information in the initial stages that may slowly clear away through amplifying reports, leading to action within daunting constraints and limitations. That is the standard case. The second scenario is when the ocean The Ocean is expansive and restlessly dynamic, most of the time violently. It is an infinitely powerful generator relentlessly engaged in creating the global climate. Our planet will die if the ocean stops churning even for a short break.

The second scenario is when the ocean becomes a medium for damage over land, the principal terrain where humans breed and live – an odd tsunami, a militant attack, a multi-headed killer cyclone, other incitements of human ordeal, and, ultimately war. Everything jeopardises safety of life and property. Mayhem will prevail if left alone. Humans have to act to survive.

(Read the full article in the March issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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