Pressure Regulator with Filter

pressure-regulator-filter-11757-2865883TESCOM SG2 Series, which is a lightweight, compact and high purity two-stage cylinder regulator specializes in industrial and flammable gas flows of less than 4 SCFM / 112 SLPM. It is sensitive and has extra long-life metal diaphragm for assured gas purity and integrity. This two-stage regulator enables a user to select optional gauges, shut-off and relief valves and cylinder connections for regulator assembly.

Product Use:

These regulators can be used in laboratories and point-of-use gas systems in medical, food and beverages, pharmaceutical industries. It is also ideal for process analyzers gases, metal fabrication and specialty and industrial gas cylinders


The SS316 SG series diaphragm also ensures regulator durability and gas purity. An optional diaphragm made of neoprene gives it an exceptional sensitivity and ensures fine pressure control. The 10 micron filter protects the regulator seat from gas impurities, thereby ensuring a long life. It is easy to maintain with standard tools because of the simple valve cartridge design and inbuilt filter.

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