7000 Cut Series Mad Grip Gloves

Madgrip gloves

Madgrip gloves

The 7000 Cut Series Mad Grip Gloves from ActivArmr delivers same performance as the 7000 series with superior cut protection. It offers true back-of-hand protection by absorbing impact with a soft, comfortable, strategically designed; continuous thermoplastic rubber coating that provides additional protection in critical areas of the hand. This unique compound and structure allow protection on all sides of the glove while keeping a high degree of flexibility and dexterity. These gloves surely enhance productivity with comfort, maximum grip, and high durability, while delivering incremental protection.


  • Heavy Construction
  • Mechanical Services
  • Demolition
  • Underwater Applications
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Heavy Installation
  • Glass Handling

* While these are the most commonly noted tasks, gloves are not limited to them.


  • Seamless, breathable construction for all-day comfort
  • Engineered liner to prevent cut & laceration injuries resulting in loss time
  • Enhanced Abrasion resistant to improve productivity
  • Ultra Dry-Grip to avoid hand fatigue and injury due to slippage
  • Dexterity/Tactility to improve productivity
  • Impact protection on palm to prevent injury from stress on palm
  • Intentional finger patterns to maximize wet/oil grip and reduce hand fatigue
  • Full impact protection to protect in extreme environments and avoid loss time

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