Laws against adulteration of food, milk to be Stricter

Health Minister J P Nadda has said that the laws will be made more stringent to prevent food and milk adulteration. The minister-lead panel will review comprehensively the Food Safety and Standards Act as well as Rules and Regulations to address the concerns of courts in matters relating to food adulteration and the numerous representations received from food business operators. It is also proposed to make stricter the punishment for milk adulteration.Orange With Hypodermic Needle

Amidst concerns voiced by lawmakers over the ‘slow poison’ in the form of food adulteration and unregulated use of pesticides and antibiotics, especially in poultry products, the minister termed it as a “serious health hazard” and said that the Government would strengthen manpower and infrastructure to tackle issues regarding food safety. Once the taskforce appointed to review the current laws submits the report, changes would be made accordingly. A mechanism has to be developed which is continuous so that it could deal with the problem even as new means of adulteration are reported.

The contaminated food items are to be blamed for the growing incidence of non-communicable diseases. Besides this, the poor implementation of the existing Food Safety and Standards Act is also a problem. Leaders of political parties said that almost everything consumed by the people from water to milk and food products were contaminated. They expressed concern over the use of oxytocin injection to make cows produce more milk, and
demanded swift action to curb the menace. The Government has committed to curbing this serious health hazard, the minister said•

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