Euro Tech Maritime Academy: Pioneering Strides in Maritime Education

Eurotech Maritime Academy

Eurotech Maritime Academy, Cochin

Euro Tech Maritime Academy located in the suburbs of the South Indian port city of Kochi can genuinely boast of an enviable track record in maritime education. A pioneer in the field in Kerala, it is one among the total eight maritime establishments in the country which has the prestigious certification of Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS).

India for long has been considered a major supplier of personnel to the global shipping industry, which sees Indian seafarers as competent, efficient and cost-effective. India owns just about 1% of the global shipping fleet but supplies more than 6% of the total seafarers to the world fleet. Currently, there are about 82,000 India born seafarers working on board ships globally.

While this has been the result of the decades old maritime education, training and examination  system in India, there is a growing recognition that in the increasingly competitive workforce supply scenario in global shipping, excellence in maritime education and training is a necessity. Maritime training in India was opened up for private participation in 1996. There are some 130 maritime training institutes in the country offering pre-sea and post-sea training in various courses and streams.

(Read the full part of this article from February issue of the Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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