Dealing with Occupational Diseases

Worker wearing hardhat and experiencing neck pain

Worker wearing hardhat and experiencing neck pain

The work environment plays a significant role in our health. Workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses are high and lead to enormous health burden, suffering, and economic loss. This is why a proactive approach to health and safety at work can help employers achieve healthier employees, low absenteeism, fewer injuries, lower long-term risk, and lower payouts for disability and health care costs. This article gives you a better understanding of what, when, how, where and whys of occupational disease.

Having an occupation help us make a living, but what will you do when the same occupation cost you to suffer from a life-threatening disease? If you have an occupation and suffer from some kind of a physical ailment due to work, then make sure you have an occupational disease.

An occupational disease is a disease or disorder that is caused by the work or working conditions. Occupational diseases were formerly called Industrial diseases, and this term was used in older workers’ compensation claims. The conditions that are often considered to be occupational diseases include the activity-related soft tissue disorders (ASTDs), hearing disorders, contagious diseases, arthritis/heart conditions, allergies, respiratory illnesses, and chemical sensitivities. If you have any of these conditions, you must know the facts behind it.

Occupational diseases often develop over many months or years, depending on the intensity and circumstances of exposure. The correlation between the exposures and the disease is better known in medical terms. In some way or the other every one of us suffer from some kind of an occupational illness. This can either be apparent through some of the diseases or ailments.

(Read more from the February issue of the Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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