ARGO 4000 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

ARGO 2000-NEW IMAGEARGO 4000 Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer from Ajax Fiori is a productive and utility machine used in the infrastructure and construction fields widely in India. The Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer is currently being deployed between Sikar – Loharu section in Jaipur, Rajasthan for the “Construction of Limited Height Subway” to reduce traffic congestion and uninterrupted flow of traffic all through the day which falls under North
Western Railway.

These machines had worked tirelessly and had delivered around 30000 m³ quality concrete with ease till date and is on its way to complete its mission successfully by delivering the balance Concrete within the stipulated time.  The versatility of ARGO 4000 machines explains the fact that they have been the perfect choice for contractors over wide applications to name a few:

  • Roads & curbs,
  • Flyovers, drains & culverts,
  • Buildings, urban infrastructure,
  • Canal linings,
  • Check dams,
  • Windmill foundations

The key features of ARGO series of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixers are:
• Four wheels steering – for good maneuverability & flexibility.
• Four wheel drive – ideal to negotiate even slushy conditions at site.
• Short turning circle – hence can be used in narrow, restricted area at job sites.
• Electronic weigh batching option – to ensure proper quality concrete.
• Single man operation – substantially reducing the manpower cost.
• Ergonomically placed controls – ensuring operator comfort.
• ARAI certified – can be registered with RTO for plying on roads.

ARGOs is STANDALONE MACHINES, capable of scooping and loading of aggregates, weigh batching, mixing, transporting and at times placing
the concrete. These are manufactured using high grade raw material in compliance with the international standards. Provided mixers are appreciated for the features like accurate dimensions, long functional life, efficient performance, easy handling and corrosion resistant body. These are equipped with the heavy duty fully floating type axles, fixed rear axle and floating front axle with floating angle of 6 degrees and self bearing axle•

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