Strategies for Sustainable Chemical Processing

A Nuclear Plant

A Nuclear Plant

Chemical disasters may be traumatic in their impacts on human beings that have resulted in the casualties and damages to nature and property. Dr MP Sukumaran N air, Director of Centre for Green Technology & Management (CGTM), and Central Railside Warehouse Company (CRWC) Ltd. discusses various safety aspects of chemical processing at industries.

The threat to the safety and tranquility of public life and the environment arising out of accidents, fire, toxic gas release and pollution around Industrial processing units has become a matter of concern to all stakeholders involved – industry operators, regulators, and the local as well as state administration. Thus, amidst widespread and exalted awareness of environmental degradation caused by industrial activities on account of greenhouse-gas emissions, stratospheric ozone depletion, acid rain and acidification, eutrophication, soil degradation, technological hazards, chemical mists and fog – all with potential damage to human beings – this topic is discussed frequently at both national and international forums. Industry operators are challenged on the one hand with the dire necessity of increasing production of goods and services needed for the people, while on the other, to tackle effectively the consequential environmental issues to avoid damage to community.

Effective environmental management perspective thus assumes paramount importance in addressing the numerous issues relating to pollution control and ensuring safety and maintaining sustainability in industry. Clean development initiatives in chemical industries is a major development in this line.

(Read more from the February Issue of the Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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