Ebola Death Toll Soaring

An Ebola victims body carried for burial

An Ebola victims body carried for burial

The global death toll from the Ebola outbreak centred in West Africa has jumped to 8,235 out of 20,747 recorded cases, according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

Almost all the deaths and cases have been reported in the three West African countries worst hit by the outbreak – Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Elsewhere, six people have died in Mali, one in the United States, and eight in Nigeria, which was declared Ebola-free in October 2014. One Indian employed in Liberia died of Ebola virus infection earlier in 2015, the Government of India has announced. According to reports available with the Government of India, there has been only one Indian casualty so far. Mohammed Amir, who was employed in a pharmacy in Liberia, died of Ebola virus infection on September 7, 2014, Minister of State of External Affairs V K Singh has said. However, India has so far succeeded in keeping the deadly virus off the country.

Terming the ongoing Ebola outbreak ‘unprecedented,’ World Health Organisation’s India office says it is holding regular meetings with the technical staff at the Union Health Ministry for developing ‘appropriate response measures.’ It is also guiding the ministry on how to prevent and control the infection ‘at health facilities, train rapid response teams for laboratory testing, surveillance and emergency contingency planning.’

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