Construction workers at risk!

The Indian construction industry involves risky and unhealthy operations which result in many human tragedies, discourage workers, disrupt construction, delay progress, and adversely affect cost, productivity, and reputation. Construction project can never achieve its objectives unless construction professionals become aware of the safety-related issues. C. Mahadevan, HSE trainer and chemical expert, analyses the risk of job involved in the construction sector and the need to take adequate measures to make sure of the safety at work.

Construction workers at jobsite

Construction workers at jobsite

The construction sector is an important and integral part of infrastructure development. It is very essential and an integral part of infrastructure development which gives tremendous boost to our country’s economy. The construction industry has registered enormous growth worldwide in recent years. Though the development of technology is rapid in most of the sectors, construction work is still highly labour intensive.

According to available statistics, India’s estimated 45 million construction workers are next to the agriculture sector. Construction work is migratory by nature. When we talk about construction workers here, we are mainly concentrating on those who are involved in buildings/dams/bridge, and high-rise building construction. Safety standards always have been an issue in India…

(Read the rest of this article in the February issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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