Safety Messenger useful to Students

By chance, I came across the last three issues of the “Safety Messenger”. It is a wonderful magazine. My congratulations to the team behind this initiative and I wish all success. I am an engineering student, I found the contents of the magazine useful not only to engineering and technology people but also to anyone interested in health, safety and environment. We live in a techno-sphere, which we created over the millennia, and we have to make lots of compromises to live in. But, it is utmost important to take care of our own health as well as the health of our surroundings. Technology brings in many threats not only to our safety but to the environment too. That in turn impacts our health and the environment. This is a vicious circle and we should be informed and be careful. I appreciate the content selection, range of topics covered, the lay out and the display of the magazine. I request you to bring SM to the notice of all the engineering colleges in our country, which will be beneficial to the faculty and the students. I wish a very successful and wide circulating New Year for SM.

Teena M of Engineering, Kothamangalam.

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