Medical Tourism in India has Great Prospects

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism industry in India is in steady progress and is expected to do well in the coming years. This indication is given in the survey conducted by the International     Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) report of which was published recently.

The “Medical Tourism Climate 2014” survey was based on interviews and meetings with 280 clinics, hospitals and business establishments in sixty countries. According to the report, India, Thailand and USA are the top destinations for medical tourism in terms of quality, economy and range of services provided.

Survey pointed out that Cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery will be the largest growth areas for medical tourism over the next five years followed by fertility treatments and dental procedures. According to Keith Pollard, Managing Director of IMTJ, the results of the survey are quite encouraging for the industry. 48 per cent of establishments experienced growth in international patient numbers in the last year, compared to 30 per cent who saw no increase and 11 per cent who saw a decline, says the survey report.

Meanwhile PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a North Indian business development organisation in a paper predicted India’s medical tourism industry is expected to double in size in the next four years. The number of international medical tourists travelling annually to the country will rise to 400,000 from around 230,000 currently within the time span, the paper said. The country hosted 166,000 medical tourists in 2012.
The large number of skilled and doctors and Para medical staff in Indian private hospitals along with the increasing international exposure has helped
the industry grow substantially, Sharad Jaipuria, president of the PHD Chamber pointed out.

Government of India is adopting measures to allow tourists from 180 countries to apply for 30- day landing visas online. More airports in India are
making arrangements for visa on arrival also•

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