Commendable contents!

In a world that’s making all sorts of compromises on safety, Safety Messenger’s contents continue to be thought provoking. Especially the latest issue focusing on food safety provides enough “food for thought”.

However, I feel that there are a lot more areas with regard to food safety to be explored.  One area is the kind of street food available in both developed and developing countries. It will be worthwhile to focus on this area in one of the forthcoming issues. Since street food is fast emerging as a craze among tourists, your magazine can very well do a feature on the kind and quality of street food available in various tourist destinations.

My sincere congrats for the way Safety Messenger is heading in respect of its contents. The lay out is impressive and printing is excellent, especially the cover design is imaginative.

Best wishes and happy New Year!

Ranjith Kumar,

Bommanahalli, Bengaluru.

Author: SubEditor

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