Role of Insurance in Road Safety!

Vehicle insurance is must when accidents occur

Vehicle insurance is must when accidents occur

The number of vehicles running on the Indian roads has grown manifold. Insurance companies in India offer comprehensive insurance cover for damages or losses created to the automobile as a result of man-made or natural events. V.N Sandeep, Deputy Manager, United India Insurance Co. Ltd explains about the Motor Vehicles Act and the role Vehicle Insurance play in the instance of an accident.

Safety on road is an important concern for every individual. Each of us can play a vital role in improving safety on road. The number of vehicles manufactured and sold is increasing day by day. Nowadays, our roads are flooded with vehicles. Unless we handle these moving machines very carefully, they can create great safety hazard not only to the driver but also to the poor pedestrian. Most of the times, the pedestrian depends, to a great extent, on the skill of the vehicle driver for his personal safety.

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