“Road safety isn’t just a slogan; it’s a way of life”- Rishiraj Singh!

Rishiraj Singh

Rishiraj Singh

When Rishiraj Singh, IPS, took over as Kerala’s Transport Commissioner in 2013, the average number of deaths in accidents was as many as 13 a day and the number of the injured was 135 a day. The state’s roads were virtually turning into killing fields. Negligence by drivers and the pathetic condition of roads were all playing their part in turning the state into a motorist’s nightmare.

Within months, things started changing, and the number of accidents came down drastically, thanks to the sheer grit and commitment this 1985 batch IPS officer showed in implementing traffic rules. Wearing seat belts and helmets has become a way of life, while drunk driving and speeding have started coming down significantly. Rishiraj Singh also successfully led a series of sting operations to root out corruption among the traffic constabulary.

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