India can’t go Slow on Road Safety Anymore

Jam-packed Indian roads

Jam-packed Indian roads

Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have caused an unprecedented revolution in the  growth of motor vehicles all over India. Today, humans and transport vehicles occupy over one-fourth of all urban space. This situation calls for not only stringent rules on road safety but also rigorous punishment to the violators.

C. Mahadevan, HSE trainer and chemical expert, analyses the reasons of road accidents and suggest measures to control it effectively.

Road transportation is a critical element  supporting and directly contributing growth in economy. Road accidents are, unfortunately, negative consequences of this economic growth, affecting both economically active members of our society and other citizens. The private sector does not address the impact of road accidents on society and the economy.

There has been an automobile boom in the recent years, raising the number of vehicles on the Indian roads. According to data, the Indian automobile manufacturers produced about 20.4 million motor vehicles (2011-12), with 15.5 million two-wheeler’s and 3.12 passenger vehicles, apart from 1.6  million other types like commercial and construction vehicles. With a 10% addition of automobiles expected annually, this would go up further. This, along with design and condition of roads, neglecting road safety rules and regulations are responsible for the spurt in road accidents.

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