Include Road Safety in school Syllabus

schoosafetySafety lessons should begin from childhood. It is difficult to impart awareness to a grownup human, but easy for a child; hence, road safety should be made a mandatory subject for school projects for students of all classes.

All schools must observe Road Safety Week every year, with competitions on posters, essay, slogans, stories and skits. Videos, computer games involving motor racing and involving heroes with risky riding should be controlled /banned by the Government and discouraged by the parents as it would develop racing habit in children. The children are likely Include road safety in school syllabus to imitate the characters in the videos/computer games.

All the states must prepare and issue school-bus safety rules and regulations and follow it up strictly with random checks. School heads, teachers,  school bus owner, contractor, RTO and the children must cooperate in following the school-bus safety norms through meetings and audits.  Maharashtra state has framed the Maharashtra Motor vehicles (Regulations for School bus) Rule, 2011, and started implementing it.

(Read the article in full in the January Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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