Gloves Vital for Health, Safety

Ebola workers wearing gloves for safety

Ebola workers wearing gloves for safety

Gloves play an important role in ensuring health and safety. The usage of gloves is growing along with the increasing awareness of health and safety in working environment and with a host of killer diseases like HIV and Ebola threatening the lives of millions across the globe. The following article is an overview of the booming global glove industry.

In practical terms, gloves play an important role in protecting workers from exposure to blood-borne viruses, especially where there is a risk of injury, such as a puncture wound with contaminated sharps, abrasions or cuts. Within the hierarchy of controls recommended by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), elimination and engineering controls should have priority over the use of personal protective equipment, including the use of gloves.

The key factors driving growth of the global SAFETY rubber gloves industry include rising number of ageing population, increasing healthcare expenditure, accelerating awareness of hygiene and healthcare reforms with more stringent regulations, improvement in global economic growth, and increasing potential of emerging markets. Over the years, glove industry has grown by leaps and bounds with Malaysia dominating the global glove market.

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