A Glimpse into India’s Legal Framework of (OH & S)

Workers at a construction site

Workers at a mining site

Health and safety of the employees is of paramount importance as far as any company’s smooth functioning and healthy growth is concerned. The Indian constitution contains specific provisions relating to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). Here is a glimps into these provisions and the other legal frameworks relating to OH & S in India Safety laws in respect of Occupational Health and safety are meant to ensure an accident-free industrial environment.

Industries whether be it big or small need to give paramount importance to this vital aspect. Of course, Indian constitution has enough provisions in this regard. But, the crucial question is whether Companies truly comply with these provisions. Also crucial is the question how successful the government is in ensuring that these laws are strictly implemented.

Achieving high OH&S performance is vital to any industry because, proper attention to the safety and welfare of the employees will pay rich dividends in terms of employee morale, reducing absenteeism and enhancing productivity, minimizing potential of work-related injuries and illnesses and increasing HSE Training the quality of products and services.

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