Safety in Sports

The death of the young and promising Australian cricketer Hughes has sent shock waves across the global sports community. Though, it’s one of the rarest of the rarest cases of fatal accidents in sports, the tragedy should serve as an eye opener.

Lessons are always learnt the hard way. It is time to review on-field risks in different sports and come out with updated code of conduct in risky games such as cricket and football so that the playing fields never turn into nightmares for players.

This is all the more important in the backdrop of many sports like cricket becoming popular even villages and among kids. Sports gears should be made compulsory and mandatory not only in organised matches but also during practice matches in the open At present, the batsman is allowed to wear protective helmets usually with a visor to protect them. Helmets are usually employed when facing fast bowlers. While playing spinners, it might not be employed. Instead of making it optional it should be made mandatory. Also the quality and design of such protective gears should be subjected to review.

Magazines like Safety Messenger can play a good role in creating more awareness about safety in sports so that our sports fields become safer if not the safest.

Johnson Xavier

Sharjah, UAE

Author: SubEditor

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