Pressing need to cut back plastic waste

A plastic filled canal - Scene from a typical Indian Town

A plastic filled canal – Scene from a typical Indian Town

Plastic is one of the most preferred materials in today’s industrial world. It is also one of the worst chemical materials to cause serious threat to environment and consumer’s health in many direct and indirect ways. This article deeply investigates how the usage of plastic can adversely affect our environment and life on earth.

The advent of fuel-based plastics has revolutionized the industrial world and there is no area of manufacturing  which is untouched by plastics. Plastic is everywhere either in the form of food containers, financial transactions  Debit/Credit cards, plastic money), storage, baggage, stationary items, electronic and electrical products and every foreseeable item that a human being can think of. Plastic as a product is now like a regular feature of manufacturing, consumption, and service activities.

Plastic is a biological hazard since it is almost non-degradable. Still, nothing stops us from using it, because of its availability and convenience. But, are we really aware of the shocking health impacts plastic can have on us and our environment?


(Read the full article in the December Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine)


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