Safety Messenger is “Simply Great”!

“Congratulations! For this important initiative – to reach, connect people through “Safety Messenger” the complete magazine on HSE. This magazine, a single source should fill the void for this Health Safety Environment HSE space completely. From the inaugural issue my first impression is “Simply great!

World class quality, the paper, printing, photographs, layout, readability, comprehensive, also current coverage of topics in HSE. I like the title “Safety Messenger”. “Safety” i.e. care 1) for the people at home or office or outside, 2) for their health 3) for environment – flora n fauna, and “Messenger” – connecting, communicating to enhance safety.

The cover design depicts the spectrum the magazine covers – from lessons in safety (Chennai building collapse) to the icon of safety (towering Burj Khalifa) – the journey that is required. Important issues are covered, like safety in construction industry, safe transport, current topics like Ebola spreading, emerging challenges like environmental security, HSE training, profiles, product information and personality profiles (Mr G.B Menon living legend (Recently passed away) in fire safety, metro man Mr E Sreedharan). The articles from, national and international authors; gives concepts, policies, discusses safety regulations to safety tips which a mobile user should follow. It also covers aspects on HSE training, conferences and news digest. I found useful and enjoyed reading it.

India is poised for big growth – dominated by infrastructure, construction, oil & gas, energy sectors. This growth needs to be carried out safely, and Safety Messenger should serve in communicating and as catalyst in educating, training, upgrading knowledge and skills and changing attitudes of people in carrying out the activities safely – for betterment.”

Rajeev V Kulkarni
Head – Safety, Quality, Technology
L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd

Author: SubEditor

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