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It is indeed heartening that first issue of the Safety Messenger has met with great appreciation for its layout, presentation and contents. While we immensely thank everyone for the support and encouragement we would like to reiterate that we would take the feedbacks of our esteemed readers with due seriousness and with a view to make the magazine better and better.

We are happy that we could bring out the second issue as scheduled. Undoubtedly, Safety Messenger has been conceived as the country’s premier and comprehensive magazine in HSE, covering effectively and in a balanced way, Health, Safety, and Environment. In every issue, we are trying to pick up one of the prominent areas of Safety as the focus. While the first issue was focused on the Construction Safety, the current issue has its focus on Fire Safety.

Fire safety is an issue of serious concern of not only the policy makers, industries, builders, but the society at large. Multistoried buildings and Oil &Gas installations undoubtedly perceive, Fire Safety as one of their major areas of concern. Hence, we have presented in this issue, recaps of some of the major fire accidents in such installations. The current issue also contains articles on health and environment along with the news and news digest on Safety as usual. The recurring column on Nebosh preparation is also included in this issue.

We know that we have long way to go. It will be our continuing endeavour to provide you the right mix of  contents in every issue as part of our commitment to champion the cause of HSE in India through insights, detailed study reports, analyses, new and views, expert columns and features on many aspects of health, safety and environment. While we strive hard to enrich you on HSE, we would like to be equally enriched through your valuable feedbacks. Together let us work towards making the world a better and safer place to live.

M.V. Thomas
Chief Editor.

Author: SubEditor

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