Fire Safety Challenges in High-Rise Buildings

A High-Rise structure engulfed in flames.

A High-Rise structure
engulfed in flames.

Fire safety and evacuation strategies for large high rise buildings remain a constantly evolving challenge. Taller and higher density buildings, many of them having thousands of occupants compound the challenges involved in evacuation over large vertical distances in a short amount of time in the case of an emergency. The less understood behavioural dynamics of people in emergency situations, the growing need to cater to a diverse group of users including physically challenged demographics and the need to be flexible enough to accommodate varying emergency situations are all factors that make effective design more complex.

This article looks at some of the common strategies currently implemented for high-rise building evacuations, some of the new challenges under study and tools that are available for a manager or engineer tasked with this.

Read the full article in the hard-copy issue of “Safety Messenger Magazine Nov 2014”

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