Chemical Warehouse Calamities: It’s High Time We Learnt from Mistakes!

A Chemical Warehouse under Fire

A Chemical Warehouse under Fire

Warehousing is too often seen as a comparatively low-risk activity compared with chemical manufacture. However, when incidents occur, it can be expensive, attract much adverse publicity for the industry, and have readily avoidable causes.

A Health, Safety and Environmental study of the most costly accidents in the chemical industry in last 20 years following the Flixborough disaster found that, 6 of the top 20 were associated with fires at chemical warehouses. They produce comparatively few casualties, but it is hard to give any convincing reassurance to people who live nearby about the hazards of short-term exposure to smoke coming off a fire from a warehouse filled with diverse chemicals, or pollution of the nearby river, or contamination of the land and toxic pollution of the environment.. Read the full article in the November issue of “Safety Messenger Magazine 2014”

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