Hand Sanitizers: Are we exposed to more Chemical Hazards?

As the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) asked for comments on ways to update its exposure limits for hazardous chemicals,  a new study shows how two common products might, when combined, lead to absorption of a chemical into the body.

hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer

The study shows people who held thermal receipts after using hand sanitizer had up to 185 times more bisphenol A (BPA) clinging to their skin after one minute compared to those who did the same with dry hands.

BPA has been suspected to be connected to a variety of health problems ranging from attention-deficit disorder to cancer. BPA is a primary ingredient in thermal paper receipts used in cash registers, ATMs and some airline tickets.

Check the combination of thermal receipts and hand sanitizer that could be problematic.

Soaps, sunscreens, sanitizers and other products for the skin contain chemicals designed to allow the product to be more easily absorbed into the skin.

(Think about every time you’ve noticed an ad for a skin product that touts “deep moisturizing” or “deep cleansing.”) So the sanitizer temporarily opens the skin, allowing chemicals such as BPA to enter.

(Think about how often these days you see “complimentary” hand sanitizer in stores for customers, or a bottle of the cleaner sitting next to a cash register.)

However, the study from the University of Missouri is small and,  more research into the sanitizer-receipt link is needed.

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