CDC Releases Revised Ebola Safety Guidelines

Ebola health workers in Self-protective garments

Ebola health care workers in Self-protective garments

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Tom Frieden laid out new guidelines for health care workers when dealing with the deadly Ebola virus including new precautions when taking off personal protective equipment.

Rivision in the guidelines came after the Ebola health workers have been pushing for new standards since two Dallas hospital nurses were diagnosed with the disease this month after treating an Ebola patient.

The new guidelines include:

  • Use of protective garments, hoods, face shields, double gloves, face masks or respirators and other protective equipment to cover every square inch of a health worker’s body.
  • A call for health workers who may be involved in an Ebola patient’s care to practice repeatedly and demonstrate proficiency in donning and doffing gear before ever being allowed near a patient.
  • Placement of a trained hospital employee to supervise all aspects of care in an Ebola patient’s room and watch that all health workers put on and take off gear correctly.

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