Kiwi SECURITY coming to South India!

Kiwi Security

Kiwi Security

Kiwi Security to set new standards in protecting critical infrastructures from intruders, using automated intelligent video detection to prevent threats in airports, harbors, traffic, government buildings, industries and retail-shops.

Kiwi Security is a highly specialized security software development company whose goal is the development of the world’s best video analysis algorithms on an unlimited scalable, high-security platform: for automated video surveillance. Together with Ramamurthy Kolluri, CEO of Telacrity and Vijayakumar Balakrishnan of Fidelio Bangkok, Kiwi Security is opening its first Asian Headquarter in Hyderabad in October, 2014.

The requirement for safety and security in the Asian regions cannot be complied with average solutions,when it comes to mission critical prevention and protection, such solutions must  fulfill all safety and security criteria to its maximum (i.e. No False Alarms, clean and cleared Video streams from any motions, issued by storms, rains and bad weather conditions, etc.).

Today, both of the technologies within Kiwi Vision the Video Management System for video recording, viewing and management of video surveillance systems; the Video Control Center as the professional platform for alarm centers using video monitoring, enabling the unlimited integration of third party VMS and DVR systems and optimized for control centers with large number of encryptions, protocols and access management to ensure data protection under all circumstances (incl. military requirements); the Kiwi Vision Connection Platform as the basis of all Kiwi Vision analysis applications.

The latter is the connecting link between camera, analysis and video management systems as well as unlimited multiplexing which enables any number of analyses per camera. From the mini-PC to huge data centers – the Kiwi Vision Connection Platform can connect any number of servers forming a unified system and thus enables unlimited scalability, for there is no limit in number of cameras, analyses or recordings for any of the Intelligent Applications.

The real-time video analysis processes in Kiwi Vision are both imperative for further intelligent solutions from face recognition through traffic, border, and urban security up to different applications in the cloud, as well as the obscuring method of personal data in real-time in the Privacy Protector (granted the EuroPrise certification) Multiple options are available to replace, enhance or upgrade existing video surveillance cameras in facilities, cities, vehicles (trains, bus, ships, planes…).

The intelligent video analysis applications by Kiwi Security is dedicated to analyzing persons (bodies.,) people (Faces..), vehicles (cars, trains, ships, containers, license plates,..)  spaces (Parking,..), objects, materials, motion patterns (attacks, robbery, assaults, rapes….), activity visualizer (Museums, Retail, public places…), queues (entrances, emergency exits, cash desks…), counters (people, vehicles…) and Intrusions (Prisons, barracks, power plants, Since 2007 Kiwi Security is working closely with European and International Universities and Governments on making video surveillance a better technology,in particular when it comes to respect and ensure the growing demand for privacy.

Research and Innovation
Kiwi Security products evolve from 80 man-years of research and development. At the center of any innovative product lie research efforts, which make it possible to invent and develop technology which exceeds the state-of-the art, rethinking the possible. In order to extend their technology leadership Kiwi Security is constantly participating in international collaborative research projects. Kiwi Security’s research and development focuses on four strategic core research areas. In this endeavor Kiwi Security collaborates with leading universities and research facilities and is on the leading edge of international research•

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