Why a Magazine on HSE?

Twenty Two years back in 1992 when I launched the first diploma program in Fire and Safety in the private sector in India, it was difficult for too many people to understand and appreciate its relevance. But today NIFE has grown up to become an absolute pioneer in the area of Fire and Safety education in India. I am proud of having taken the plunge in 1992, as a result of which today NIFE has become a role model in Fire and Safety education all over India.

I have the same feeling when we are launching the first copy of SAFETY MESSENGER, the complete magazine in HSE. India is slowly metamorphosing into an economic giant. If we take the working class population, the 18-40 age population, the highest is in India. That makes the need for HSE all the more important in India at this stage. Apart from the industrial premises, a sizable population of our working class today works at construction sites. Though the need for safety at construction sites have been spelt out by the construction workers safety act, the real implementation of HSE at construction sites thoroughly is still a distant dream. That’s why in its first issue SAFETY MESSENGER focuses on construction safety.

SAFETY MESSENGER would strive to encompass the whole spectrum of HSE in a balanced way, by effectively and equally covering topics related with health safety and environmental issues affecting working people. While we would try to reach up to every expert in each of these fields anywhere in India, I take this opportunity to appeal to such experts to enrich the columns of SAFETY MESSENGER by contributing articles in the area of HSE. We would not leave any stone unearthed until we ensure that Safety Messenger reaches into the hands of every safety and fire officer working anywhere in India. While construction safety is the focus of the first issue, in the subsequent issues every other aspect of HSE would be picked up as the focus. As a result we would envisage, Safety Messenger as a reference magazine on the table of every safety officer.

Disseminating information on HSE, dispersing stories on accidents across the world, Safety Messenger would also stretch its tentacles to such areas of interest to safety fraternity like tips on, how to pass NEBOSH and showcasing openings arising in safety and fire anywhere in India and selectively abroad.

Safety Messenger is a bold attempt to enrich you to enhance the career of anyone working in Safety and Fire. I see a symbiosis here. While we strive hard to enrich you, your suggestions and opinions would enrich us significantly in shaping up SAFETY MESSENGER into the best platform in India in disseminating safety.

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Looking forward to your valuable support.
M.V. Thomas
Chief Editor.

(Editorial – October 2014)


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