Setting the stage for Vision Zero!

Intelligent and compelling media addressing the theme of occupational safety and health were presented on the Action Stage at the Forum for Prevention. They bring the goal of an accident-free working environment within reach while taking information exchange to a whole different level. The audience was given a demonstration of how to use the search engine Prevention Forum + online. With bated breath, they then watched the stirring interactive performance accompanying the prevention film “Near Enough”. And the impact of the “Impressions of Prevention” was only heightened by the silent backdrop.

Prevention media have taken on a new liveliness. Visitors to the World Congress were able to witness this welcome development live on the Action Stage.

Certified safety

On Monday, the Prevention Forum + went online. Prof. Karl-Heinz Noetel from the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Building Trade (BG Bau) presented the innovative knowledge platform for occupational safety and health, which has a public section and a password-protected area for internal bodies. This multinational search engine offers a way to find quality-assured information on occupational safety and health. Even linguistic subtleties of the different German-speaking countries are taken into account. “Why not just use Google?” asked Noetel, and proceeded to answer his own question: the new application vouches for the correctness and currentness of the posted content and deliberately delivers a limited number of hits – only the best ones.

A near miss, ingeniously presented

A day later at noon, things took an exciting turn on the World Congress Action Stage. Viewers were treated to the film “Near Enough”, which featured an accompanying interactive live performance. The innovative mix of prevention film, workshop and discussion forum was developed for Siemens by the active training team (att). Ken Anderson of Siemens Energy UK & Ireland and Adam Christopher from att definitely made good on their promise that the film would show particularly vividly how important small decisions are. The audience watched a short film in which a team of wind turbine technicians has problems with a new wrench for which no transport bag is available. Alex, the project manager, is not exactly a born leader, and so his domineering colleague John has free rein for his careless behaviour. The wrench plunges into the depths and narrowly misses the workers down below. But the technicians do not report the incident when they have the chance. Viewers not only witnessed the near-catastrophe on film – they also had a chance to discuss it afterward: “Who was responsible for the almost fatal situation? The designer of the tool? The group leader?” Then the wind turbine technician even stepped onto the stage in person to field questions from the moderator and the guests. “Why are you afraid to say anything? After all, you’re the boss!” a woman from the audience asked the technician.

The objective of the video workshop was to drive home to all employees the message of the Zero Harm philosophy, which is intended to prevent every single potential accident, long term. Everyone should be able via various networked channels and interactive offerings to identify with what it means to take responsibility and to put safety first for one and all.

Prevention without words

Silent images of people in beds, flowers, scaffolding and helpful colleagues flickered across the Action Stage early Tuesday afternoon. These “Impressions of Prevention”, which are designed to provide insights into the many aspects of prevention, were initiated by the International Social Security Association of Switzerland (ISSA). Bernd Treichel, Technical Specialist in Prevention for the ISSA, explained: “These scenes were taken from other prevention films and spliced together specifically for the Congress. They are meant to silently evoke the themes of risk prevention, health promotion and occupational reintegration.” Hans-Horst Konkolewsky had explained this three-pronged model for prevention the previous day on behalf of the ISSA. Although not all viewers realized straightaway that the event was intentionally soundless, they nonetheless sat down to take a closer look at the unfolding scenes. Quiet and contemplative – this is yet another way to present the message of prevention.


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